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My Chat With Substack CEO Chris Best, and other podcast appearances

Who have I chatted with?

After Manifest 2024, I had the opportunity to visit Substack HQ to talk with Chris Best, whose work I’ve admired for a long while. It was a huge honor to chat with him. Our conversation has a few audio/video glitches since the podcast is typically remote, but I’m grateful he released it despite the glitches, since we cover a lot of ground I’m passionate about. While it works best as an overview of my work and history for those who don’t know me, I think even longtime readers will find plenty to enjoy.
Tracing Woodgrains at Substack HQ
I first knew TracingWoodgrains as an anonymous internet avatar. He was a producer on the excellent Blocked and Reported podcast, where the hosts, Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog had a running bit where they poke fun at him for being a furry. But Trace also helped them break some of their wildest and most hilarious internet culture stories…
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I usually don’t mention each appearance on someone’s podcast as a separate post here, but since this is my first video appearance and my first in-person podcast interview, it seems appropriate. I have a blanket policy of accepting more-or-less all podcast invitations and am happy to speak with whoever thinks we have something worthwhile to discuss. At some point I may need to triage a bit more, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Particularly because I am something of a perfectionist when it comes to my essays, I appreciate chances to have conversations in part because it lets me explore a lot of ideas that I haven’t had an opportunity to nail down in a fully fleshed out essay, and in part because I find a lot of value in chatting with people on their own terms, in their own spaces. I welcome substantive criticism of what I discuss with people, but if you’re ever wondering why I would speak with someone (particularly someone who has attracted controversy at some point), the answer is “They asked if I wanted to chat.” More on that here.

It occurs to me that podcasts aren’t by default terribly discoverable when you’re not in their audience, so here are a few other podcasts I’ve appeared on recently, alongside some older ones my readers may have missed:

I have a few more upcoming appearances scheduled, so keep an eye out! I’ll probably include future episodes in links roundups along with my essays from elsewhere.

As ever, thanks for reading.

Tracing Woodgrains
Tracing Woodgrains
Chris Best